In fact, we do not invest in the land or in the stones, but rather we are investing in the good management of the investment environment, the investment is the development that grows in suitable environments provided by government departments, Turkey is a model for investment in time, where it is easy to see the renaissance that Turkey has witnessed during the twenty years. The previous one, in addition to the strong ability to face economic and financial obstacles and continue to develop and develop, all this makes present-day Turkey a good place for investment, the Turkish economy is not without its disadvantages, but since the negatives cannot be absent in any economy, investors must discover The best way to deal with the negatives and avoid their damages, among the economic sectors, the real estate sector is one of the most developed sectors and it is one of the sectors most affected by the demand associated with the increase and population growth, the Turkish real estate sector mainly targets the local population as it is wide open for the country’s guests to own completely freely. Free to enjoy the owner as he wants, here in Turkey you do not need a sponsor or partner in order to register any property in your name, the Turkish administration went further than that and made Owning the property is a reason for obtaining Turkish citizenship. The past ten years have witnessed a great turnout of Arab investors towards Turkey, and most of them liked to reside in it due to the presence of many commonalities between Turkish and Arab culture. We are in a group of springs we trust that investment opportunities exist and they are We need someone to highlight and present them to investors and this is one of our tasks. We provide real estate and financial advisory services in Yanabee’s group in addition to managing investment portfolios. Our main task is to work to preserve our clients ’investments and work with them together to develop capital in accordance with Islamic Sharia’s controls. With our partners and customers in the place and time that we accepted to be partners in it.

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